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Book Review: Jesus Listens Author: Sarah Young

When your days feel overwhelming and your life has you anxious and stressed, you can find peace and hope in Jesus. In this NEW 365-day devotional prayer book, Jesus Listens by Sarah Young, author of Jesus Calling, you’ll find confidence to come to God in all circumstances with short, heartfelt prayers based on Scripture.

God desires a relationship with you through continual conversation—prayer. Jesus Listens empowers you to pray daily, whether it serves as your only prayer for the day or simply a jump starter to your own prayers.

Jesus Listens is ideal for those who . . .

  • are going through difficult times and looking for rest and hope

  • are busy from life’s demands, but want to grow their prayer life

  • are not sure how to pray

  • have been praying for years but want a closer relationship with God

The biblical basis for each prayer in Jesus Listens is given at the end of each entry so you can continually return to God's promises in Scripture.

Reviewed by:

Nandi Magangane

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a child of God born again at the age of 11years, so my whole life has been around the church. I love the Lord who I came to know as daddy because we were raised by a single mom. I am a mother to a beautiful baby girl the star to my existence. I have been married twice and divorced and so I am simply looking at rebuilding life for me and my daughter, and simply finding the work life balance.

Name of Book:

Jesus Listens


Sarah Young

What drew you to read this book:

The fact that it is a daily prompt to make reading the word part of the day-to-day routine is what initially started me on the book. But then you realize the prayers are personal.

What impact did this book have on your life:

Recently I had 2 friends lose their jobs to due to the impacts of the pandemic and our own company announcing that they need to look into retrenchments. Our prayer group started to feel a lot like a pity party as we shared our fears and panic about the unknown future. Going through the book's prayers and devotional word, brought back the focus to Jesus Christ and the work that He finished on the cross for us. Once we started praying accordingly we saw results. One of the ladies found a new job and started in January and the other got a call for interview/s. This gave life to the books title ' Jesus listens', there is hope for those in Christ. It reminded me that life in Christ is just as much the relationship in between as it is about the destination where we are with him one day.

In a paragraph, what is the main point of this book:

The book in a nutshell is a daily devotional that encourages discipline in your prayer life as well as Bible reading. Each day from January to December explores scripture readings throughout the whole Bible, with short targeted prayers to get you started in talking to Jesus every day. The prayers are simple and to the point, perfect for a new in the faith child of God or if you have had a rough season and just need a way to restore the power to your prayer life.

Who would benefit from reading this book:

Everyone will benefit from reading this book. It is about a relationship with God and keeping ours eyes on Him for everything in our lives.

Star Rating?:

Published by Thomas Nelson and distributed by Struik Christian Media.

All comments are writers own.

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