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Book Review: I Give Up - The Secret Joy of a Surrendered Life By Laura Story

Most of us long to be in control—of our schedule, our relationships, and our future.

Newlywed Laura Story thought she had control over the great life ahead of her. After all, she followed Jesus and had a promising new job as a worship leader. Why would God not want to fulfill her dreams?

But when Laura and her husband, Martin, faced a brain tumor, infertility, and a son’s birth defect, she realized she’d been looking for a happiness that comes from circumstances, rather than a deeper joy that comes from God. Again and again, Laura had to surrender her vision for her life so she could embrace God’s vision. And again and again she learned that even in the midst of shattered dreams, God’s plan brought greater joy than she could have imagined.

Now the Grammy Award–winning singer-songwriter known for such hits as “Blessings,” “Indescribable,” and “Mighty to Save” shares her powerful story of finding blessing in her deepest pain. In, I Give Up, Laura explores:

  • How to delight in God’s gifts no matter your circumstances.

  • Why waiting on God is a daily decision, not a step-by-step process.

  • The strength we find from meditating on God’s Word.

  • Why surrendering to God leads to reconciliation with others.

  • How the things we consider to be losses are ways for God to display his glory.

As Laura writes, she no longer wants to be in control of her life. She wants to be rooted in the God who is in control. I Give Up will help you Discover a deeper life of worship, a fuller life of joy, and a freer life of true surrender as you open your hands to God. And give up.

Published by Thomas Nelson and distributed by Struik Christian Media.

Reviewed by:

Tebogo Segoje

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Wife. Mother of 3. Avid reader. Loves gardening. Crazy about interior decorating. Loves the LORD, loves HIS people.

What drew you to read this book:

It gave me the tools to let go of the control of my life and give it to God. I have been finding the concept of faith overwhelming until I read this book and learned how to let go and surrender to God. Laura's personal experiences with motherhood and as a wife also helped me learn a lot about handling challenges that one is not prepared for. I also feel how Laura used the examples from the bible of people who surrendered their lives to God and how it worked out for them.

In a paragraph, what is the main point:

Letting go of our control over our life and surrendering it to GOD. Believing what GOD's word says about us and to us and using that to lead a life that GOD has planned for us. To learn from the word of GOD itself and be liberated.

Who would benefit from reading:

Everyone who is interested in leading a GOD planned life.

Star Rating?:


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