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Book Review: God's Radiant Light Author: Lesego Masango

This encouraging, impactful book which directs you back to the word of God has been chosen as the Women of Reverence Book of the Month.

The Word of God in Matthew 5:14-16 tells us that we are the light of the world, and our light should shine before others so they may see our good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven. It pleases God to see His children, created in His image abiding by His Word, and taking strides towards being transformed into His original intent. In this book, Lesego will be explaining how you can be “the Light”, radiating with good godly deeds. As the sun sets, the moon rises and brings light; however, the light from the sun is brighter than that of the moon. It is easier to walk during the day than at night and a lot of unfortunate accidents may occur at night. If we choose to behave like a person walking in the dark, we will always stumble and fall. We cannot bear any good fruit while walking in the dark. I, therefore, encourage you to receive this light, to accept Jesus as the Lord and Saviour of your life. In Him, there is life in abundance.

God’s Radiant Light can also be used for discipleship classes as it teaches us to use the Word of God as a lamp unto our feet and hold on to His promises in order to see victory in our lives. This book will bring about a radiant transformation in your life. I therefore encourage you to get a copy, and be blessed by the immense love that God has for us.

Reviewed by:

Ntombi Thamba

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Ntombi is a single and content lady. I'm a mother of a gorgeous teen girl. I work as a professional counselor at Alexandra community health clinic. I serve as a Deacon and a worship leader at Gateway City Church Alexandra township Johannesburg. I am passionate about studying the word of God and completed my honours degree in Theology. I love fashion, going out with friends. I enjoy travelling and reading.

Name of Book:

God's Radiant Light


Lesego Masango

What drew you to read this book:

The title of this book, I was reminded that God created us in His own image, breathed His spirit in us, therefore His spirit dwells within us .His light reveals what his love can heal Luke 1: 79.

What impact did this book have:

It had a positive impact because when I was reading this book I was thanking the Lord for the light that enlightens me with His truth and glory. It impacts to be guided by the Holy Spirit and that worship is important in this journey with God not forgetting to obey God's commands allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me. With this book I gained encouragement, strength and wisdom from God's word.

In a paragraph, what is the main point of the book:

The truth about God's radiant light, how to apply this truth in my own life. When I accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and savior of my life and repent God is able to forgive me I will no longer live under condemnation. His light teaches us of the power of the Holy Spirit within us, how God has justified and sanctified us to carry out our purpose on earth and to always obey. This light must be given to everyone.

Who would benefit from reading this book:

Anyone can read this book. This book grows our faith and allow us to worship better. I encourage people to read this book as will deepens your faith.

Star Rating?:


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You can purchase the book directly with the author through or whatsapp text to 0615407386.

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Lesego Modibedi
Lesego Modibedi
Aug 29, 2021

Very humbled to have had this book chosen as book of the month. May the Lord bless you

Replying to

We are excited for what God is doing through you and many authors in Africa.

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