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Book Review: Daily Invitations Author: Trevor Hudson

God passionately longs to be your friend and invites you with an outstretched hand to a life grounded in Divine Friendship. In Daily Invitations: To A Life Grounded In Divine Friendship, a 366-day devotional, you will be guided daily to accept this invitation through:

• Scripture

• Reflection

• Prayer

However, this newly friendship does not remove you from everyday life. Another feature, the daily practice, will ensure that your friendship with God is grounded in ordinary life - where you struggle at work, you are having health problems, when your relationships are not working out. On taking his outstretched hand into yours, you will discover that you are not alone, and will never be. In fact, you will realise that nothing can separate you from his Divine Friendship.

Reviewed by:

Yolande Vincent

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a hairstylist & make-up artist by trade. I am also a qualified Christian counsellor. I thoroughly enjoy being part of people's transformation journeys inside and out. My husband and I serve on the Eldership team at Venture Church, Fairland. I enjoy reading and learning and growing. I like the quote by Louie Giglio: "God's plans for your life far exceed the circumstances of your day."

Name of Book:

Daily Invitations


Trevor Hudson

What drew you to read this book?:

The beautiful cover drew me at first. Also the fact that it's a 366-day Devotional that serves as daily invitations to walk and live in Divine friendship with the Lord. Each day offers a title, a scripture, a devotion, a prayer and even how to put it into practice.

What impact did this book have on your life?:

It served as a great reminder that we are not alone. So often we suffer from spiritual amnesia, but the Spirit is right there, to help us remember what Jesus taught us.

In a paragraph, what is the main point of the book?:

This Devotional invites us to a life grounded in Divine friendship. In our everyday life and struggles, we get to be grounded in this grace-filled friendship with Jesus.

Who would benefit from reading this book?:

A friend/sister new to faith or a friend/sister struggling with loneliness or even a friend/sister that's picked up some hurts and disappointments on her journey of faith.

Star Rating?:

All comments are writers own.

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