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Book Review: Chosen by Michelle McClain-Walters

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Women of Reverence thanks Yolande Vincent for her Book Review on CHOSEN.

Many are called---but the chosen are confident, prosperous, generous, and joyful people who live in the realm of miracles and the supernatural! McClain-Walters will show you just what this distinction is, equip you with prophetic insight and divine strategies, and reveal the spiritual force behind the life of the next-level believer. Foreword by John Eckhardt.

Reviewed by:

Yolande Vincent

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Daughter of the most high God. married to Michael for 8 years. We're part of the Eldership team at Venture Church. I work as a hairdresser and makeup artist, a Christian counselor and I love to help people transform into all Jesus has for them. I like chocolate and exercise because balance is key.

What drew you to read this book:

It was recommended to me by a friend.

What impact did this book have:

Wow, it addresses some things we might be walking with. Things that don't belong in our lives and thinking if we want to be Chosen. She reminds us we can live next level lives by choosing to be obedient and walking by the Spirit. She reminds us of John 15:16, that Jesus chose us and whatever we ask the Father in His name, He will give us.

In a paragraph, what is the main point:

"For many are called but few are chosen" Matthew 22:14

Who would benefit from reading it:

Every believer can benefit from this book. The chosen ones are those who have responded to the call of God to represent His kingdom here on earth.

Star Rating?:


All comments are reviewers own.

Published by Charisma House and distributed by Struik Christian Media

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