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Psalm 51:7: “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart O God, you will not despise.”

There is a Japanese art where a broken jar is repaired with gold, which causes it to become irreplaceable. The breaking of the jar is for something greater; no matter how small the pieces are, they are glued back together using gold. I mean, how beautiful is that?

I could say it’s sometimes the same with God. In my experience, I have found that no matter what circumstances I may be in, good or bad, God will use them for His glory, even if it requires me to break.

There have been times in my life where everything around me felt like it was falling apart. I had no control; all I could do was just watch. It was the most terrifying thing. I remember crying out to God, desperate for Him to take control.

After a few weeks of no change, it dawned on me that I wasn’t actually letting Him into my situation. I would let Him in to a point where it was comfortable, and from there He wasn’t allowed any further. I had subconsciously created a boundary in my heart that my Father could not cross, but in order for Him to actually take control, I had to erase the invisible boundary and be vulnerable and real with Him. Trust me, it was not a very pretty picture; horrendous sobbing must have been heard from miles away. Super embarrassing!

However, that’s just the thing! I needed to be broken before God in order for Him to rebuild me again. Without me fully surrendering to Him and letting my walls crumble, I would never have found freedom in being unashamedly and beautifully broken. There wouldn’t have been a chance to be made new again. In the breaking, it creates an opportunity for God’s grace to come and restore, and ultimately re-ignite the flame for Him again.

It is such a vulnerable and intimate response to present our broken hearts to our Father with no pretending and no shame, and from that messy place of surrender, the beauty begins.

God replaces our heart of stone with His heart of flesh; He gives us beauty for ashes. That’s how good our God is!

So my encouragement to you would be this: get uncomfortable with God; let Him see your mess, for with Jesus, He makes all things beautiful, including you.



Caity van Maarseveen is our regular contributor at Women of Reverence.

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