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Be Still - A journey to Divine Fulfilment and Inner Peace By: Lebitso Ramphore

As a generation living in the current digital age, we are exposed to information overload in lives managed through external demands. We are pursuing success, fame and accumulation of wealth at a rapid pace. When we do attain success as the world describes it, why is it that so many of us still feel as if we are not full? Why are we getting lost in the perpetual state of wanting more, and fulfilment and peace are just concepts that elude us? Despite possessing all money can buy, why do we thirst and are forever in a perpetual state of striving for more and feeding our ego?

This memoir is an intimate revelation of what transpired in the author’s own quest to finding answers and finally acknowledging Who She Really Is. It is her personal encounter with the Holy Spirit and what He revealed to her on the journey to Divine Fulfilment.

As you read, imagine having a conversation with the author leading you towards life on a whole new level, powered by the Holy Spirit.

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Book Review By Lusanda Dhlamini

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a wife, mom and recently a gran to a gorgeous baby boy! My husband and I lead Gateway City Church in Alexandra Township. I am the Founder of Women of Reverence - seeing women walk in the fullness of what God created them for is my ultimate passion . Love travelling, reading, watching movies and a GOOD cup of coffee!

What drew you to read this book:

Loved the title of the book. Today's world teaches you to be BUSY yet this title say the opposite so that got my attention!

What impact did this book have:

I enjoyed the simplicity of the book yet so powerful when you take time to take in what the author is saying in each page. The book encouraged me to look put healthy boundaries in my life. I was also challenged to really look at what gives me purpose - being busy or walking my purpose in step with the Holy Spirit. Reminded that my identity is in Jesus Christ alone and should be rooted in Him.

In a paragraph, what is the main point:

It teaches the children of God to always seek God first in all they do. We should walk in step with the Holy Spirit. Put in spiritual disciplines as these will help us to hear God for ourselves. To always rely on God through a daily intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. To always remain STILL knowing that God is in control, only than can we find peace and fulfillment in life.

Who would benefit from reading this book:

Every believer especially if you sense that there is more to your walk with the Lord. If you need to steady/still your heart. You need fulfillment but not sure how to seek for this.

Star Rating?:


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