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#1 The creation of planning - is God a Planner? by Liesl Maré

This was a question that mulled in my mind – is God a Planner? We all have differing skill sets,

personalities and personality profiles. Some people are more inclined to plan, some people can’t

function without it, and some people can’t stand it. This question mulled in my mind because if God

plans and I want to become more like Jesus, then I will become more like God. Jesus said He only did what He sees the Father do. My life is centred about what Jesus does – I watch Him as He watches the Father. If God plans, then it will flow down to me, even if I’m not a planner by nature.

I always try to refer to the law of first mention; the first instance where something is mentioned in

the Word (or the first place where I know God touched something in my life). This becomes a

foundation for me to build on. To do what He says, is to build on the foundations He has laid, the

only true foundation, so that when storms of doubt come, we can stand firm. (Matt 7 v 24-29)

My question – ‘Is God a planner?’ – needs to be answered from the Word. Sometimes we hide

behind our own personalities, and personal preferences to build our lives. We decide what we want to do or not, and conveniently leave God out of the picture. So, my question once again is – is God a planner?

The Bible starts in Gen 1 v 1 with:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (NKJV).

The way God is introduced in the first book of the Bible in the verse sentence is as a Creator. A

Creator is someone who does something or creates something. It includes cutting things down and

shaping things. Things were shapeless on the earth, void and dark. God stepped in and changed

things to bring order, light, rhythm and seasons.

God says in Jeremiah 29v11 (ESV)

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

God is a Master Planner, a Master Creator and He leads the way for planning.

Planning and diligence is a good thing…

Prov 21 v 5(NKJV) The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty,

But those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty

God is actually the initiator of Planning, and that planning is a good thing, we can look at what it

means practically. I will write a few blogs in succession about the practical ways to use planning in

some of the areas of our lives – planning in marriage and in raising kids.

Planning, in my own understanding, is to be intentional. Planning will look different to different

people, but the Word is clear that planning and order is a God-concept. I believe the core of planning is intentionality. To be intentional about what I want and then how to get there. If we put our hearts into planning we realise that it is not a rule or law that ‘ALL MUST PLAN’, it is rather a tool to bring the freedom to achieve goals that are important to us. An example is, I want to have a happy, satisfying marriage, I have to be intentional about realising this goal. As many of us have

encountered, having a happy marriage takes hard work. If I am intentional of working towards a

happy, healthy marriage, I will put things in place to assure this. This is what I call planning.

If we take the heart out of planning and just plan for the sake of planning, it can become a stumbling block as well. We can try to dictate to God how He should make things work for us.

In Proverbs 16v9 it says:

A man's heart plans his way,

But the Lord directs his steps. (NKJV)

For me this scripture is a reminder to always submit my plans to the Lord. He is not apart from my

plans. I invite Him in and ask Him to tweak and adjust to His good liking. In Psalm 127 I am reminded that it isn’t my hard work or good planning that gets the job done. The Psalm is clear that we need God within our planning.

Psalm 127 v 1(NKJV)

Unless the Lord builds the house,

They labor in vain who build it;

Unless the Lord guards the city,

The watchman stays awake in vain.

2 It is vain for you to rise up early,

To sit up late,

To eat the bread of sorrows;

For so He gives His beloved sleep

Whether you are a diligent planner or not one at all, ask the Lord today to change you to become

more like Him. Submit the plans you have made to Him and trust Him to show you the way.

Read more tomorrow...

#2 Planning in marriage - From Intentional to Intimate

#3 Planning & Intentionality in raising my kids

Liesl is a regular contributor at Women of Reverence. Read more about her here

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