Caitlyn Joy Van Maarseveen

Ixopo, South Africa

Caitlyn Joy van Maarseveen is 20 years old and has just finished a gap year program with Destiny Leadership Academy in Pietermaritzburg.


Originally from South Africa, Caitlyn has lived in Zimbabwe since 2006 until 2018.  She is now living in Ixopo as an Assistant Teacher to a little girl.


Caitlyn has a passion for kids' ministry and worship, and says that to see peoples' lives changed by the presence of the Holy Spirit is the most beautiful thing to ever witness. Caitlyn says "God has changed my life in so many ways that I wish I could describe, but I don't even have any words to describe it".

She has a heart for young girls who do not know their identity that they have in Christ, and her goal is to help as many young teenage girls realize who they are and who their Dad is. 

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